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***Update to post: I’ve been using this mascara on-and-off for months now, and every time I wear it someone asks, “Are those your real lashes?? WHAT MASCARA DO YOU USE??”***

This is my new favorite mascara (keep in mind this is an old post, so I have a new fave mascara, which will be revealed in a later post). I’ve always loved L’Oreal mascaras, specifically anything from their Voluminous collection, but this one takes the cake. And at the current price of $7.99, as well as the fact that you can buy it at any old drugstore, it’s currently unbeatable in my book.

I’m always down to try new mascaras since I am admittedly a mascara junkie, but this one I almost didn’t purchase because the packaging offended my delicate eyeballs. Anyone who knows me for more than five minutes understands that I HATE the color pink. I hate that the color pink is slapped on anything that’s supposed to be marketed towards women. I once bought a pair of black crossfit shoes and used a sharpie to color over the fluorescent pink stripes, just so I could get some normal freaking black shoes.

My Experience

So I purchased this bad boy and immediately slapped a couple of coats on in the car. My friend and I were both amazed at how, after only one coat, my eyelashes had suddenly become the president of the Hair Club for Men. Meaning, holy cow, the length and the volume was out of this world! I added a couple more coats just for fun and went about my day.

I usually gauge mascara awesomeness on a few basic tests:

1. Does it deliver on its promise, e.g. thickens, lengthens, etc.?

2. Does it go on clumpy?

3. Can it survive Austin heat without smudging/flaking?

4. How easy is it to remove?

5. Is it easy to use?

How Miss Manga Performed

The Miss Manga mascara passed 4/5 with mostly flying colors. As mentioned before, it thickened and lengthened quickly and beautifully. I’ve worn this stuff in 100 degree weather all day with only slight smudging. I’ve danced drunkenly when it was 90 degrees at night, sweat dripping off my face, and noticed just a wee bit of flaking. It also comes off easily with a little warm water and facewash.

The reason why it failed #5 is because I’m not sure how I feel about the wand. I want absolute control when applying my mascara, and I don’t feel that way with the Miss Manga wand. Unfortunately it tapers in the middle allowing the wand to bend. Therefore with every swipe on your lashes, the wand bends a bit and becomes springy. Maybe other people like that, but I’m always afraid it’s gonna spring into my eyeball or mess up my makeup. Other than that, the actual bristles are AWESOME. Honestly, they are the best at keeping your lashes separated so they look full and lush as opposed to clumped together.

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So overall, this mascara is my new fave and I give it a 4/5. You can wear less coats for a nice daytime look or really slather it on for a dramatic effect. This stuff is the bomb.

If you’d like to see the mascara in action, feel free to watch Kandee Johnson (Youtube’s Makeup Guru Darling) testing it out and giving her own review: