Chicken is borrrrrring, am I right? There has never been a cult chicken following that could come close to rivaling the bacon or beef versions. For instance, there aren’t T-shirts like this made for chicken:

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So ok, we get it, chicken is boring. But it can also be cheap and a great source of protein. Luckily for you wonderful folks I have the quickest…the easiest… and somehow pretty healthy glaze recipe that will take this:


To this!

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That’s one FANCY chicken.

Three ingredient apricot glaze



  1. Jar of apricot preserves
  2. Sriracha sauce
  3. Water

WHAT? LANA, YOU MUST BE MAD.  How can those three simple ingredients make a tasty sauce for my chicken? Trust me, it’s goooood.

Listen, people. If there’s one lesson you can take from me today, it’s to keep it simple. Cooking newbs tend to start with recipes that require 20 ingredients you can only get by trekking to the top of some mountain and solving riddles from a snow spirit (a.k.a. Whole Foods). If you do this, you’ll set yourself up for failure.

Start small with a few ingredients! If you’re successful, try another simple recipe. Once you gain cooking confidence, get crazy with that snow spirit recipe!

It doesn’t have to be fancy. It doesn’t have to look Instagram worthy. It just has to taste good.


In a small bowl of some sort (that can also be used to store any sauce you don’t use), dump in half the jar of the apricot preserves. Squirt in some Sriracha, starting with a teaspoon and increase amount based on your spice tolerance level. Using a fork or small whisk,  mix the ingredients together while slowly adding about 1/4 cup of water. You change amount of water depending on how thick/thin you want the sauce.

OMG, you’re done.

Drizzle that stuff over your boring chicken and check out how tasty it is! It’s sweet, it’s spicy and garlicy…it’s delicious.

Additional thoughts

The best part? Depending on the preserves, there’s about 4 ingredients in it: fruit, pectin (fruit fiber), cane sugar, and ascorbic acid (vitamin c).  Sriracha has few ingredients as well, most of which are chili, garlic, and water.

If you’re worried about the sugar in the preserves (cuz I know some of us be sugar nazis) here are a couple things for you to chew on:

  1. Most of the sugar in preserves exists naturally from the fruit. If you choose your preserves wisely, it will contain little to no added sugars.
  2. By choosing preserves over a jam or jelly, you get chunks of actual fruit mashed in. That means you’re getting some fiber to slow the absorption of the sugar.
  3. You’re not using a ton of this stuff so calm down! If it’s paired with something like chicken, you’re getting some healthy fats and protein, which also stabilizes sugar absorption.

At some point I’m going to try to make this using other preserves such as blackberry or blueberry to see if it works. Maybe some of you could experiment and let me know how it turns out!

So dress up that chicken yo! If any of you have some quick, easy, and healthy recipes, please go to my Contact Page and share with me!

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