Ever wonder what happens to the imperfect produce that farmers can’t sell to grocery stores? Well, traditionally the poor, ugly, undesirable produce either rots in the fields, gets put into animal feed, or is used to make processed foods. *whomp, whomp, whomp*

BUT WAIT!!!! A company called “Imperfect Produce” recently started sourcing this ugly produce and delivers it to consumers’ front doors! In this post, I will discuss my experience with Imperfect Produce and let you decide if it is worth it.

Ugly spongebob squarepants

How it works

First, you visit https://www.imperfectproduce.com/ and click the sign-up button, which then takes you through four steps. I did this on my cell-phone and it was easy-peasy.

  • Step 1: Choose from four types of boxes. The boxes are completely customizable! You can choose from organic, mixed fruit and veggie, all fruit, or all veggie.
  • Step 2: Put in your zip code and choose from box size and how often you want produce to be left on your door step! The sizes come in small (7-9 lbs.), medium (11-13 lbs.), large (17-19 lbs.), and the “holy crap that is a lot of produce” extra-large (23-25 lbs.). The prices range from $11-$27 depending on the size box you choose. Delivery options include every week or every-other week.
  • Step 3: Set up your account. This allows you to customize your box!
  • Step 4: Set up your delivery notes (ex: DO NOT ring doorbell because of demon dog that will bark for hours) and checkout!
Demon Dog
Demon dog…aka Max

Didn’t I say that the boxes were completely customizable though? Ahhhh, yes! Imperfect Produce gives you a window of time where you can choose what will be delivered in your box for that week.

First you’re provided with what they will put in your box if you have no preference. If you do have preferences, you can add/remove items! Friggin’ hate beets? No probs! Just click the remove button and add something you’ll enjoy. Need extra carrots for a recipe you want to try? Add them in there! They even tell you how much of the produce you’ll receive and how much it costs to add said item. Yassssss!

Jack Nicholson
Totally me staring out my window waiting for my Imperfect Produce box to arrive.

Too Ugly to Eat?

Here is a short video of me (sorry, I look and sound 12 years old…) reviewing my Imperfect Produce box!

I am such a cheese-ball…but seriously…the inside matters haha

So there ya have it! So far I have tried a mango, some broccoli, and had a few oranges. They tasted great!

Since I want to be as thorough as possible, I went ahead and price checked all of my produce on HEB’s Curbside website (where I usually purchase my produce). For everything I received in my box, I would have spent $16.53 at HEB. My Imperfect Produce box was $15.45 (+ $4.99 delivery fee).

Although it is a little more expensive due to the delivery fee, I feel like it is worth it because it is allowing me to try new produce, help reduce food waste, and support local farmers! 🙂 That’s all I got…Thank you for reading!


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