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Apple Cider Vinegar and Weight loss: A Dietitian’s Recommendations.

Ok, you've come here because you're probably investigating whether or not apple cider vinegar can help you lose weight. Well you came to the...

Cooking Survival: Eight Items You Need to Get Started

So you want to get cooking...but how? Y'all know home cooking can save you a billion dollars, tastes a jillion times better than store-bought, and...

Oil Vey!

Just the other day I met a woman working at a perfume counter who could have been forty or eighty-years-old. She had some of...

Why You Don’t Need Shaving Cream

If marketing companies had their way, we would be reduced to sniveling, needy, financially poor creatures with horrible self-esteem. While a lot of the...
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Change Your Harmful Health Beliefs

Hate reading? Check out my vlog: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTqhLE-5Yp8 Our society holds an unknown amount of harmful health beliefs. Everyone from your Aunt Helen to your doctor to...