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Why Frozen Produce is the New Fresh

"Eat fresh fruits and veggies only! The fresher the better! Canned and frozen foods have waaaay less nutrients, so don't be gross and eat...
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Harmful Health Belief: Be the Boss of Your Body

This post is part of a series about changing health beliefs. To learn more, read: Changing Your Harmful Health Beliefs. Hate to read? Watch...

Cooking Survival: Eight Items You Need to Get Started

So you want to get cooking...but how? Y'all know home cooking can save you a billion dollars, tastes a jillion times better than store-bought, and...

UTI Cure: The Cheap Alternative That Works!

Nothing ruins a good time like a friendly visit from the Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Fairy.  Anyone who has ever experienced a UTI, knows...

Stila “Stay all Day” Liquid Eyeliner

In the world of eyeballs, the "hooded eye" is the dreaded black sheep of the family. Adjectives to describe hooded eyes are, "mature", "droopy",...