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Manuka Honey: What’s the Buzz?

Any one who knows me understands that I am one clumsy beeyatch. I can't own cups made of glass, I stumble over pebbles, and...

Is Optavia the right diet for you?

Have you heard about Optavia and thought about trying it? I have a quick quiz to help you decide if you should: Do you like...
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Harmful Health Belief: Be the Boss of Your Body

This post is part of a series about changing health beliefs. To learn more, read: Changing Your Harmful Health Beliefs. Hate to read? Watch...

F*@# Flossing

"People who smoke cigarettes, they say 'You don't know how hard it is to quit smoking.' Yes I do. It's as hard as it...

Coffee 2.0: Upgrade Your Coffee Game

If anyone is actually reading this blog, they would already know that I ripped coffee a "new one" in my previous post Brew Like...