Is cereal to blame?

Raise your hand if you’ve heard someone blame the U.S. chronic disease crisis on cereal. You’ve probably seen foodie influencers raging on social media that, “our children are obese because of all the sugary cereals Big Cereal is forcing down their throats!!!”

And well, there’s some truth to those statements. Historically, cereal has been pretty lame. It was notoriously high in sugar and salt, while being low in protein and fiber. When combined with the 1980’s “fat is bad” terrible advice, we’d eat our sugary cereal with skim milk. That was a recipe for disaster!

The truth about cereal

BUT, that doesn’t mean ALL cereal should be demonized until the end of time. In fact, cereal manufacturers have changed a lot since the 80’s. There are many whole grain, high fiber, high protein, and low sugar options available.

Additionally, there are many people who could benefit from eating cereal. For instance, vegans, people with vitamin deficiencies, folks on a tight time or money budget, and those suffering from various mental disorders.

So before you say goodbye to cereal forever, check out my video below! You’ll learn the truth about cereal and how to “amp it up” from a nutritional perspective.

Helpful handout

Download and use this dude for future reference! Thanks for reading and watching!


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