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The Healthy Cause of Your IBS

As someone who was "diagnosed" with Irritable Bowl Syndrome (IBS) as a youngster, I deeply feel the pain of anyone who has suffered from...

Probiotics Vs Prebiotics: What is the Difference?

The world of probiotic and prebiotic supplements can be soooo confusing and, all too often, draining to your wallet and sanity. On top of...

Why You Don’t Need Shaving Cream

If marketing companies had their way, we would be reduced to sniveling, needy, financially poor creatures with horrible self-esteem. While a lot of the...

The Stink Behind “Added Fiber” Products

UPDATE: Three years after this post was written, the FDA issued an update to how "fiber" is defined. I will write an article about...

Dry Skin Cure in Four Easy Peasy Steps

At first I was overjoyed when we finally dipped into the mid-20's this year, happily unpacking all my tights, boots, scarves, and cute jackets...