If anyone is actually reading this blog, they would already know that I ripped coffee a “new one” in my previous post Brew Like a Pro. To reiterate, the statement I made was, “If coffee and green tea battled to the death, green tea would win” and I stand by that statement. In regards to price and health benefits, green tea kicks coffee’s sad, yet oh-so-tasty butt.

But that’s where green tea loses to coffee for me; coffee is extremely tasty. And there’s something about starting your morning off with the catmorninggrumpy-455x500delicious aroma of roasting beans permeating your house. Maybe it’s because we as Americans have been trained, like Pavlov’s dog, that morning + coffee = less sucky morning.  And the best smell combo in the world is freshly brewed coffee and cooking bacon. Drool…

Anyhow, I digress. To get back on point, there is a way to enjoy your coffee, reap some added health benefits, and cut down on the jitters (jitters being another reason why I wanted to stop drinking coffee). Omg, guess what it is? What seems to be my answer for everything? Yup, it’s oil. Coconut oil to be specific. I can’t help it you guys, I’m obsessed with fat. I’m a chubby-chaser when it comes to food. Ever since I’ve reintroduced healthy oils and fats into my diet, my weight has gone down, I feel less hungry, and my health has improved. So…sorry, not sorry!

The trick/hack though, is to blend the coconut oil into the coffee instead of stirring it in. If you stir it in, the oil will rise to the surface in pretty, little oil globules. Definitely not as tasty. So this is the method/recipe I tried and it was delicious!

What you’ll need:

  • Brewed Coffee (duh)
  • Coconut oil
  • Measuring Spoon (I used a tablespoon but you might want a teaspoon to start)
  • Blender (I used the Magic Bullet because I already had one. They’re cheap and perfect for this experiment because you can blend the coffee in one of the easy-to-clean blender cups)
  • Sugar if you need it

My recipe:

I poured around 16 oz. of brewed coffee into my convenient magic bullet cup, added about 1-1.5 Tbs. of coconut oil, and a couple teaspoons of sugar (next time I’m going to try it without sugar). I blended that bad boy for ’bout 10 seconds, and boom. Done.

I can rarely go without cream in my coffee, so when I first heard about this coconut oil coffee method, I didn’t believe the consistency/flavor could replace cream for me. And I will say, if I wouldn’t have blended it, it probably wouldn’t have. But upon blending the coconut concoction, the coffee turned from dark black to a creamy-looking brown, and even had a satisfying layer of foam at the top. It almost looked like a fancy cappuccino!


Oh, the flavor…the glorious, yet subtle flavor. I am a person who is obsessed with coconuts, so take what I say with a grain of salt. If you hate coconut flavor, you might want to try the butter method instead. But if you’re like me, you will love the flavor and consistency that coconut oil adds to your coffee. It’s creamy and rich with a slight flavor of coconut that’s not overpowering. Instead, it accents the flavor of your coffee perfectly.

Finally, the best part for me is that I noticed an almost calm energy sustained throughout the day. Normally, if I have merely an 8 oz. coffee, I am instantly hyper-active, jittery, and sometimes even nauseous. If I have coffee past 11 AM, I will not be able to sleep at night. With this new method, I had 16 oz. of French Press Coffee with zero jitters, nausea, or hyperactivity. I’m not sure why I experienced less jitteriness (as there is no science behind this), but all I know is that I just didn’t!

Finally, I could go into all the reasons why it is beneficial health-wise to add coconut oil to your diet, but I’m lazy. Instead I’ll send you to this well researched article if you’d like to become more educated.

In purchasing your coconut oil, make sure you get cold-pressed, organic, and extra virgin or virgin oil. And HOLY COW if you want a deal-e-o, checkity check this one out: Nutiva Organic Virgin Coconut Oil.

That is an unbelievable deal people. Normally at Whole Foods or other specialty health stores, 16 oz of high quality coconut oil can cost anywhere from $10-$20. With this deal you get extremely high-quality coconut oil at $25 for FIFTY-FOUR ounces (I’m so ordering this right now)! If you think you can’t go through that much coconut oil, please reference my blog post on the multiple uses of oils here: Oil Vey!

You’re a prime candidate to try this if you:

  • Want to drink coffee without the jitters
  • Want sustained, balanced energy throughout the day
  • Interested in boosting to your metabolism
  • Want to curb your hunger
  • Want to fight a number of health issues such as cholesterol, heart disease, obesity and stave off infections
  • Love the taste of coconut

I think you’re ready to try this now. Go forth and be deliciously oily!