Ok, you’ve come here because you’re probably investigating whether or not apple cider vinegar can help you lose weight. Well you came to the right place friends!

Well kinda.

This is actually Part 2 of my series digging deep into the hyped-up health claims of vinegar. So please go read/watch part 1 first if you haven’t already. In part 1, I share the history of vinegar, how it’s made, what the research says, and reported side effects.

Since I have officially read about as much apple cider vinegar research as one human can tolerate, I now feel comfortable sharing my professional opinion about it.

Do I believe that drinking apple cider vinegar is worth the associated risks to help you lose weight?

Summed up quickly: For the majority of the population, NOPE. I explain why AND share an awesome body fact that will blow your mind in Part 2 below. Hint: Your body does something super cool that provides all of the supposed health claims of vinegar without the side effects. And it’s actually backed by science!


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