About Us


She’s Let Me Learn Ya’s “OG” who started the blog back in 2013! Her constant quest for knowledge of all things (and then obsessively sharing it with everyone) led to the pressure from friends and family members for her to write it all down.  So she did and here we are!

She used to work in the world of video games until she discovered her passion for health and science. Once she caught the health bug, she decided to go back to school to earn her degree in nutrition and the rest is history! She’s into games, history, karaoke, all things science, and cooking.


One of the new writers here at Let Me Learn Ya! She’s worked with food much of her adult life, and currently works for the food service department of a school district. She began her journey into nutrition a few years ago, when she suddenly developed mysterious allergies. She began to learn more about what she was eating and got so interested that she decided to go back to school to get her nutrition degree! She likes to eat mostly plant-based foods, but also branches out occasionally to include meat and dairy. She’s our resident fitness buff, she loves cats, and she’s always early to everything!