Method.Hair: Goodbye Hair Woes


My hair and I haven’t always had the best of relationships. I’ve dyed it every color under the sun (including at one point, purple, black, and blue all at once), bleached it, straightened it, permed it, steamed it, curled it, and on multiple occasions, screamed curse words at it. I was born with red hair that’s in between curly and wavy, a hair color and texture that people claim they want only if they’ve never experienced the tortures of living with them.

I spent years fighting my hair’s natural color and texture, wasting hours in the mirror only to have my hair rebel when I got sweaty, it was humid, or the wind decided to blow. When I moved to Austin I realized I finally had to come up with a different hair strategy because the weather here does not support my style battles.

So I searched around town until I finally decided to try a little hair salon on E. 5th Street called Method.Hair. Given their rave reviews I decided to check out their stylist team and settled on my new hair guru, Amanda Eggimann. This statement from her bio was what sold me: “She loves to bring out the beauty that your natural texture has to offer by creating a cut that accentuates your best features”.


Meet my hair guru. Gorgeous!
Meet my hair guru. Gorgeous!

Yes! That’s exactly what I was looking for! I wanted someone to not only tell me how to accentuate my face shape, but also give me a haircut that worked with my hair’s natural texture instead of fighting against it. More reasons why we’re such a great fit:

1. I’m lazy yet still want awesome hair. She believes in awesome yet low-maintenance haircuts.
2. I’m a moron when it comes to hair. She teaches and guides you every step of the way, like explaining how using a cotton shirt to dry your hair, as opposed to a towel, drastically cuts down the frizzies.
3. I like awesome people. She is an awesome person.

Every hair stylist I’ve ever been to spends about a minute or so talking about what you want done to your hair before they start cutting. And even if it looks awesome when they’re done, the second you try to style it yourself you look like a drowned rat. Amanda spent about 15 minutes getting to know me, my hair, my routine, and what I was looking for. She then proceeded to give me a haircut that I haven’t diverged from for almost two years.

People constantly ask me how I style my hair, always shocked or accuse me of lying when I respond with, “I just let it air dry”. And if I choose to style it, whether through straightening or curling, it still looks awesome. That’s how good the haircut is.

So bottom line: Amanda is a hair genius. She’s also super sweet, patient, informative, and simply fun to talk to. If I’m ever rich enough, I will force her to become my own personal hair stylist.

Also, the salon itself is awesome. It’s clean, modern, and everyone who works there is extremely nice. I’ve never heard a bad review about any of the other stylists there so they’re probably just as awesome as Amanda. If you’d like to check out reviews for Method, here’s their Yelp Page: Method Hair Salon.

Finally, there is a lesson here: You’ll be happier and look better if you accentuate your hair’s texture and features as opposed to fighting them. If you don’t live in the Austin area, please keep that in mind when looking for a stylist and picking out a new hairdo!



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